This small professional pocket charango which measures only 37 cm and presents seven strings arranged in five settings along the ebony fingerboard.

  • Type of wood: Nogal.
  • Soundboard: White Pine.
  • Fingerboard: Ebony.
  • Soundhole: Round.
  • Strings: 7 nylon strings.
  • Tuning: From high to low notes: B - E - B - G - D.
  • Approx. Size: Lenght:37 cm (14.43''), Width: 11 cm. (7.08'').

Note: Because is made upon request, the construction may take from 20 to 25 days

Soundboard Quality First Quality
Soundbox Walnut
Soundboard German Spruce
Fingerboard Ebony wood
Headstock Front Rosewood
Saddle Bone

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Charango Manguerito

  • US$ 220.00

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