Professional Mama quena or quenacho for live performances and for recording studio.

The convex design has the mass more marked there with the purpose of achieving that the sharp tones are more attenuated, getting of this way, a better sonority and audition.

This instrument is handcrafted using the best hard woods. It is fine-tuned using Tune!It software to guarantee professional sound. The mouthpiece is cut at an angle to allow for the best acoustics. 

  • Material: Nazareno wood
  • Key: [Select one of the available options]
  • Mouthpiece: [Select one of the available options]
  • Frequency: 4.40 Hz.

INCLUDES an awayo cloth softcase.

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Professional Nazareno MAMA Quena/Quenacho - Convex Model

  • US$ 80.00

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